Breaking Down Science, Step by Step
Breaking Down Science, Step by Step
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We'll be Supping on Slime in the food apocalypse

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If worst comes to the worst, and our entire agricultural system breaks down, we'd probably be pretty screwed. Not so, says Michigan Tech professor Joshua Pearce. No matter how bad it gets, we'll always have Slime !


There are a number of terrifying scenarios that could afflict our food security. Climate change is already responsible for some nasty food price fluctuations. It could always get worse. If a comet were to hit, or if Yellowstone were to Erupt, or if Nuclear war were to strike, we could face years in which no agriculture would be possible.

How could you survive in a system such as this ? Is it even possible for us to build big enough stockpiles ?


According to Professor Pearce, there is a way for everyone to be fed. There are bacteria that can eat fossil fuel. We have tonnes of the stuff just lying around. We can feed it to the bacteria, and then we can go ahead and eat the bacteria. We could also use rotting wood to farm mushrooms, which we can eat directly, or feed to livestock.

It'll take some time to actually put this system into place, but once it is in place, Pearce is confident that it can sustain us for at least five years. So relax, we don't have to turn into cannibals in the post apocalypse, we can eat slime, and there's enough for all of us!


Lisa Simpson would be proud !

Validity Report- U - The supporting data isn't freely available, and not presented in a peer reviewed publication. I am of course very suspicious of this press release. The press release has a link to where you can buy the author's book (Up to 15% off !). You don't really get much more blatant than that. But its a fun little idea, and thought you might find it funny. There is nothing wrong with hearing a provocative idea every once in a while.


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