Welcome to Science Made Easy!

What is Science Made Easy?

Science Made Easy is an effort to develop a community of learners around science. As a community of learners we'll have posts about breaking down scientific processes, the science behind things, deciphering scientific journal articles, AMAs with subject area experts, and more!

We envision that these posts will include written explanations, infographics, and video to help us all decipher and understand the scientific area being explored and discussed.

We'll share content from other blogs across the Kinjaverse over here in a similar curated daily-ish (every 1-2 days) post like Magister is doing over on "the Club" blogs.


But mostly we'll strive to create new content about the social and natural sciences.

But Wait, How is that different from other blogs like O-Deck or io9?

The Observation Deck, io9, and similar blogs are broader in their scope then what we want to do over here on Science Made Easy.


Our posters want to create content, share content they find helpful and interesting, and have discussions that helps people understand science better.

How can I participate?

You can become a poster. Leave a comment below saying, "Hey I want to post to here! I know things about (insert your area or areas of expertise)" and I'll add you as a poster.


Or you can become a follower and join us in the discussion areas of articles you find interesting and hopefully helpful.

NOTE: General community standards apply for now. If there comes a time to create specific standards for this forum, then we'll do a post calling for standards ideas.


Again, welcome!