Breaking Down Science, Step by Step
Breaking Down Science, Step by Step

That was my example for the octet rule, and how the noble gases had just the right balance and all the other atoms wanted to be like them (or at least their electronic configurations).

I also shared an analogy for valence electrons using the idea of a crazy farmer who keep building concentric and weird-shaped fences (energy shells) around the barn (nucleus) and only the outermost cows (valence e-) were at risk of rustlers (participating in reactions). Additionally, I suggested comparing electrons to currency (and pointed out the pun and requested they laugh) and how it was far easier to part with a dollar if you had $87 in your pocket than if you only had $3 in your pocket to illustrate ionization energy. Finally, I referenced Korpiklaani (whom I only know about after Googling things I didn't think could exist, like folk metal; oddly enough, I like much of their music, though I am far from a metal-head) when talking about metal character. I am so, so weird.


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