Ok, maybe not your every move. But Science Made Easy (SME) does want to mitigate any good folks' comments* from being stuck in the pending queue (the Greys) and not being read or responded to.

We of course have a flip side to this in that the authors on SME may not be able to rescue every comment out of the Greys (because: LIFE).

So to make things as easy as possible, here are some things you can do to make hanging out and commenting on SME easy:

1. Are you already an author? Then you are pretty much set. Your comments should not appear in the Greys on articles by other authors.

2. Leave a comment and SME will follow you if you are good folks*

3. Ask for author privileges on SME, we always want more folks talking about and breaking down the sciences!


Finally, I just wanted to recognize two folks around these parts that have kept SME chugging along while I've been MIA (because: LIFE).

Faz.Alam, who you may know from their great Ebola posts that have been main paged. Faz.Alam is also a moderator for SME.


Neisseria, similarly awesome and been main paged.

As well as all the other folks that keep SME ,keeping on (yes, I just plagarized my own comment on the Daryl Dixon io9 article). Hi there sugarhill! C.Rhodes! Mika!


Oh and number 4. I'm looking for a moderator(s) in the social sciences to both create and share social science content from other Kinja blogs. Interested? Hit me up in the comments.