While reading the recent post here about homeopathic treatments for arthritis and the excellent summations of the Ebola outbreak by Faz.Alam, I happened to come across the following abomination. I would have linked to the original story on NaturalNews, but amazingly enough, it appeared too extreme even for them. I wonder if the claims were so outrageous that NN's lawyers deemed it actionable when someone who followed those instructions contracted Ebola. I say when and not if, because part of the directions instruct the person to acquire a sample of bodily fluid from an infected person.

As a STEM professor, this sort of ... malpractice for lack of a better term boggles my mind. I can almost follow the (internal) logic of the so-called cure, except for the "get some Ebola" step. It frustrates me that there is such a significant portion of the world's population that is so willing to take maybe the worst possible action in the name of pseudoscience. I'm not some hardcore, objectivist scientist disdaining everything that has not been peer-reviewed thrice; I love the ideas of alternative and traditional (i.e. complementary) medicine and have advocated for investigation into what my more staid colleagues would call superstition. But I think I found my line in the sand. My inner libertarian gets shoved to the side and the fascist takes over and completely understands the need for the ethical violations, paternalism, and colonialism that were part and parcel of smallpox and polio eradication efforts and malaria mitigation. My biggest pet peeve has been anti-vaxxers, but I think now they might not be the absolute worst of the worst. I hope the exposure of such ignorance can actually help educate people.