So, I'm from the school of thought that on-going dialogue within and from outside a community can grow in an organic and mutually beneficial way.

To that end, you all should know where I'm coming from as your defacto-moderator here on Science Made Easy (SME). Up front first and foremost, I'm a cisgender (born male, identify as a man) gay guy who has worked in public health for 15+ years in various roles. I believe in working on developing group objectives and ideals but realize developing consensus is difficult given the nature of consensus. I generally feel that censorship of speech is NOT cool. With that being said, I also think personal attacks and biased and bigoted speech have no place in civil discourse. It is a balancing act, I'm up for the job. Don't be a jerk and there will be no problems. We haven't yet and don't expect it to be a problem moving forward.

With that being said please use any of my general posts (this post, the Welcome post, etc. They'll be tagged as General Posts this point forward) to provide direct feedback to me until I figure out a way that you can provide a direct message to me.

So in these few days of our existence here is what I personally learned as a moderator I've learned that posting this is this at the beginning of any post can be isolating to other community sub-blogs:



I have an idea for a series of post on Science Made Easy but I need input from you, my fearless, Science Made Easy posters and commentariat!"

I own it and I've learned from feedback that this can have an effect that doesn't serve our little slice of Kinja well. Moving forward, doing call outs for cross-posts to other Kinja communities as well as opening lines only acknowledging this SME in the post is not encouraged. Again, no one else that has posted has done this but I have as your moderator and heard how this can be alienating to readers of other blogs where it is cross-posted.


Now I wanted to talk about how we all talk and what we post about science. Let me begin with that fact that we've had a a ton of cross-posting from various Kinja blogs, that is awesome! We've also had a bunch of blog posts created on SME that were then shared across the Kinja-verse (also awesome). Here are my questions to you the humble reader and/or poster:

1) How do you feel about cross-postings from the main page Gawker sites? (I'm going to step in here and differentiate them from official community sites [examples would be Observation Deck, Powder Room, Group Think, etc] as well as 'Recruit Sites' [like Science, ROYGBIV, etc.] and I believe we should do our best [when the posts met our mission of making science easy to understanding] to promote them as part of the Kinja community, in particular any non-main page site.). What do you think?


2) How can we make our posts more accessible to the less science oriented folks? I know some stuff, jargon, etc. are gonna happen but how do we promote a love to learning among folks that aren't in school? How can we make our posts the as accessible as possible to the most folks? Some of us were either taught this and or better in doing this.

3) What niche do you envision this sub-blog serving?

4) I would love to see an increase in Social Science on here vis a vis the natural sciences. I can add more because my background is public health but how do we encourage social scientists sharing and teaching? I can't (nor have the expertise to do so) be the only social scientist.


4) Lastly, I believe I can bring on other moderators for this blog (there seems to be a function in the manage blog thingy do so) and I also don't feel the need to control this blog by myself. If you'd like to help moderate this blog then tell me why, availability and how you'd like to see the blog grow. So…


I'm looking forward to hearing back from everyone. Thank you in advance for participating. You're awesome.