Hi, welcome to the latest in Drillpress's AMA series. I have a PhD in Infectious diseases, I've worked with genetically modified bacteria, the flesh-eating disease, vaccines, and I accidentally made a vagina glow in the dark. Ask me anything about microbiology !

I blog at the fieldofscience stable of science blogs, where I talk about the history of microbiology alongside critiques of the latest microbiology breakthroughs. I've been experimenting with producing video critiques uploaded onto my youtube channel.


I am happy to talk about microbiology, and the scientific process. I am NOT a trained physician, so if you come at me with symptoms, I am more likely to say something along the lines of "U gut da necrotizing fasciitis, u alreddy ded bro" than give actual medical advice. But if you just want general information, I'm your guy.

I'm based in the UK, so I'll probably be around until 5-6pm EST, depending on how much demand there is.


Go ahead. ask me anything !