Breaking Down Science, Step by Step

Journal of Brief Ideas, where they will only accept papers that are 200 words or less. And no, there is no peer-review process.

This all seems to be a way to support open sharing of ideas (not necessarily data), without the long, drawn out process of getting your work published. On the one hand, it's an interesting way to try to open up the closed-off nature of scientific research. On the other hand, without some sort of filter (and data to back it up), it could just be a free for all of good and bad ideas. (Oh god, can you imagine if the anti-vaxxers or climate deniers took advantage of this?)


Also, a sad fact is that it's unlikely researchers with a truly novel idea will put it out there so freely. Research funding is cutthroat these days, and high impact papers are the only currency that matters for job security. New ideas are much likely to be hoarded and hidden, unless you're one of the lucky few who have the means and stability to be so open.

I'm skeptical something like this will take off and contribute to the scientific discourse. But who knows, something like this may look sweeter and sweeter as I struggle to get my thesis work published =P.

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