ETA: First, thank you to everyone for your AWESOME suggestions for inclusion. Y'all ROCK! Second, as someone in grad school and the semester ending I have conflicting responsibilities call to this new sub-blog I opened for the Kinja community and grad school studies. SO THE DEADLINE OF YESTERDAY, EXTENDED FOR A WEEK. Next weekend when things related to grad school lessen up, I'll compile our collective abridged history of women that have influenced science in ways we might have never before been aware. Your input is awesome and so are the often under recognized women that helped shape science. - BehindDarkGlasses

I need to be clear about how I define woman because I have a definite separation between the term woman and the term female. Female (like male) is a biological classification while woman (and man) draws upon gender experience, gender expression, and gender identity. So when I say women, I mean women writ large. That includes women along the genderqueer (umbrella term) spectrum. For me, that means inclusion of transgender (also an umbrella term like genderqueer) women. I know it comes off as soapboxy, but that's how I roll.

I'd like to begin with identifying Women in Science which would include prominent women scientist, under-sung women scientist, women who contributed to science as research subjects, and women who have been science advocates (less funders, more pure advocacy with the understanding that is a difficult distinction sometimes).

So, share in the comments your suggestions for Women in Science. Please include the following:

1. Full name

2. Significant contribution to science (how and why)

3. Date(s) of science contribution(s)

4. Race/ethnicity

5. If genderqueer or trans*, etc.

6. If lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc.

7. citations for what you shared in questions 1 -6 (hyper-links A-ok, should match up to the above info, may be more than one citation per entry by question above)


8. how you would like to be cited in the final product (if you want to use just your kinja user name that is fine, if you want use your real name, first initial and last name, or just your actual initials those are all ok, just let me know)

The due date for the call for comment feedback day is 12 midnight US eastern standard time on Friday May 9, 2014.


ETA - I hope to post by Sunday May 11, 2014.

Future forums of focus will focus on other under-recognized science folks along race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.